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Third Generation FSSI Office Supply IDIQ Contract

“In this critical time of reduced budgets, GSA is working diligently on strategic initiatives to include FSSI, the Common Acquisition Platform (CAP), and category management to leverage data, dollars, and good business sense in helping the government buy smarter to meet its goals.  The evolution of the GSA Office Supplies FSSI solution is a great example of how the government can improve on an already great program with each iteration, increasing the savings to taxpayers through lessons learned and best practices.  OS3 will help government save money while at the same time ensuring that we are maximizing small business opportunities.”

The OS3 solution provides customers with the ability to cut costs and increase efficiencies by buying everyday supplies like pens, paper, and printing items from a list of vendors with negotiated low prices. OS3 builds on the success of the FSSI Office Supply Second Generation (OS2) solution, which generated more than $370 million in direct and indirect savings since 2010, and achieved a small business utilization rate of 76 percent. OS3 is expected to deliver even more savings as well as increased opportunity for small businesses with an estimate of more than $9 in every $10 spent going to small business.

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